I just used the WaterBorne Ultra Flat Ceiling paint on another long hallway.. and they AIN’T KIDDING.. this stuff is SUPER flat.. (Retail price $40-50) I also have a half-full gallon of green $10. The trick with Aura is to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! BM has too many average products, that are priced out of range. It is thinner than Regal and maybe might splatter a little more if you are rolling too fast. Joe, why are you applying 2 coats of primer? That’s one reason why it is sooooo thick. Awesome stuff. I’ve previously used Homers Behr and had very good results. We did not recieve any suggestions or directions from the BM staff, we only had whats on the paint can which does not come close to what you need to do to make a half decent job. I used a high quality primer and sanded the primer so I had a smooth finish to start with. Only the Benjamin Moore paint in the sample pints peeled. covers, brushes) need to be rpemium quality. I used spinner stirrer with electric brill. It’s available in the flatter paint and totally washable 🙂. It has more ‘open’ time then the Acrylic Impervo which can be a real advantage depending on your environment (drafts, temperature). Exterior ever dark colors will last for seven to ten years or more. On the flip side we do not use BM as a contractor. The RGB values for Cloverdale Paint 8297 Platinum Plate are 185, 182, 178 and the HEX code is B9B6B2. I am a painting contractor with over twenty five years. I definitely plan to use it again in a different color, maybe on a ceiling in a dark room to give it some cool shine…. I mean really, you applied the paint to the point where it ‘dripped and ran’? It allegedly has “better” colors. (780) 478-2880 | … And if any of the painters you’re talking about are Kelly Moore guys, then they are so poor at their jobs as to be unsalvageable. As I’ve told many customers,” Every company has a good paint and you always have the choice to buy whatever you wish too”. I am in the process of repainting the LR and my wife wants to go with BJ colors so I will be using Aura. And you can have any color you want. I had some slight problems with “lifting” when I was painting the primer, but none when I was using the Aura–I thought the roller edges blended extremely well, and that it was very forgiving. ONE COAT of RED covered the room. I am about to paint my living room (house is two years old and living room still has contractor’s original paint). Mary, Good point about the colors and paying for “creativity.” I did love BM color selection, but I think I could find something comparable or do a color match with RL. Even with Aura, as with any paint,you should let fully cure a couple of weeks before wiping/washing stains off. Cloverdale Paint Inc. Building Materials Surrey, BC 1,870 followers Cloverdale Paint is North America's largest family company that operates nationwide in Canada. I will NEVER use it again. even one of the best “brushing” oils satin improv a really good product . We did the bathroom in a bluish and used the Aura bath and spa paint. I don’t care what brand I’ve used, ONE-COAT is an elusive dream…. Cloverdale ® Color Matched Paint. In the last couple of days I tried re-opening part cans that were stored in my basement and both were extremely difficult to open because of rust. I primed a wood door (it dried for one week). This is most important with Aura. Plus if you like a matte finish (not much sheen) you can put it in the bathroom! However it felt good to use a green product that’s half decent and does the job with a little extra effort. It’s totally different than other paints. Happy painting, Aura takes one of the top two spots on my list. Ultra Spec needs to be applied by someone who knows what they’re doing, not the average homeowner. I guess Regal is the best choice for that room. The end result has been excellent. After two years the color started changing going from tan to pink. The flat has awesome touch up abilities. Be sure When you consider that I need only a quart of each color, max, it probably would be foolish to consider a new paint, given (1) all the cabinetry, windows and tile that I need to paint around, and (2) my familiarity and comfort with Aura. This was not in the same house nor the same color but the same base eggshell bought at 2 different stores so you can’t blame one store for possibly having bad colorants. Now I wonder if I should change to other brands for my living room. It is a little harder to work with because it is obviously thicker but its really all about your painting skills and technique when it comes to using this. we how ever dont use it as much because of cost. BBB Rating: A+. Totally SOLD on it. ben Interior: some other brands? I love Benjamin Moore’s Aura eggshell. We used the store locator and found several retailers nearby. To people of course who believe in quality and are attempting to be somewhat green. They said they had never seen anything like this previously but in talking to other people who have used BM products apparently color change is not that uncommon. It’s been very interesting reading all of these comments. Amazing that I didn’t have to repaint. (He said to just touch it up – yeah, with 3 kids under 4!) Second time this happened to me. not concerned with quality. You are right any paint will work i would stick with a high quality paint especially if you only want to do 1 coat.unless you have the exact paint color and manufacturer.otherwise you may need 2 coats then you will be buying twice the amount of paint and labor. The only complaint I have is that it doesn’t like 409 – the spray streaks show. And as a finish carpenter who also paints his own work, I can attest to the fact that Benjamin Moore trim paint will make your moudlings look like they are made from porcelain! Now if I could just make up my mind…. Finally, whoever on this board says that Ralph Lauren Paint is any good, needs to have their head examined and be banished from the internet. This is , without question, the best paint sold in America. I have painted my Office (“Instinct” – blue-grey), my Dining Room (“Black Raspberry” – deep purple, almost black), the Entry (“Peach Brandy” – a gorgeous orange), my 7 yo son’s room (“Nantucket Fog” – a blue/grey) and most recently my 11 yo daughter’s room (“Seduction” – a dark purple, and “Crocus Petal Purple” – a gorgeous medium purple). I keep a record of all my jobs with paint used (brand, sheen, color, dealer). Had your painters ever used Aura before? Having used many competitors products like Sherwin Williams, Behr, Valspar, Duron and Ralph Lauren, we were curious how Ben Moore paint would compare and if it could live up … It required less than a teaspoon of touch-up for the texture “craters,” which I dabbed with an eyeliner brush. Kitchen wall eggshell finish didn’t hold up to water splashes/coffee and no washing would remove marks but elsewhere is fine. My foyer looks amazing and I get compliments all the time. The biggest plusses to me are that cut-in and brush marks don’t show at all, nor do roller marks, which means you can go back and touch up missed spots and have them disappear on the walls. at tinted primer, then apply aura. This is totally unnecessary. I NEED TO RE-PAINT!! I used an extremely good brush; yet, I could see brush strokes all over. Why would use you use a fast dry paint on a ceiling? In almost all cases the problem lies with the application, however, the consumer is always right and therefore they believe it’s the product that is not good. Also, a friend who shares my Aura fanaticism suggested using Clark Kensington for the kitchen. Power and Associates 2011. it dries to the touch in about 15 minutes and recoat in an hour which is just flat out amazing. (We have done other jobs of the same size with flat paint…always with satisfied customers). I use the BM Select and do two coats. I haven’t tried Benjamin Moore because of the price. Interior - Blistering; Interior - Blocking; Interior - Burnishing; Interior - Caulk Failure; Interior - Cracking / Flaking; Interior - Foaming / Cratering Count your blessings and use B.Moore! I am going to try the pearl in regal and see if it’s worth the 50 dollars. If you want to splurge, buy a high end roller. Benjamin Moore Regal 103 is probably THE best exterior paint Moorgard) I’ve ever used and it’s price comp to SW. If you rolled a wall using an up and down motion the first time, roll the second coat left to right). I use BM UltraSpec which still uses the new waterborne colorant system, dries fast, and is low VOC compared to other paints. Paint odor is toxic, and often when people paint a home, they’re still living in it. I was covering up dingy tannish brown by Sherwin Williams that was used throughout the house by the developer. Do you use the same painting techniques with CK as you do with Aura? Glidden is the worst paint I have ever used. I destroyed this beautiful wood door with the Aura paint. manager, neighbor and I have been trying to outgass it but It’s making the three of us ill. I wouldnt paint a dog house with BM water it down to make it workable is all you can do and forget touching up repaint is touchup BM stands for Buy More Color(s), application and coverage are critical to a grumpy painter like me, BM does make a difference. Adding a second coat will help if you roll a different direction (Ex. Second the Aura paint is by far the best I have ever used. I know computer monitors don’t show exact colors, but when you order a color described as a deep blue-violet (“Approaching Storm”) and you get a milk chocolate, something is decidedly wrong. Of course, homeowners don’t always have the best equipment or technique. A flat ceiling paint should be dry in 2 hours. What that means is about 100 sq ft MORE of durable coverage. A Ben Moore product for which I have a profound love is SuperSpec interior eggshell. Oh I forgot to add, I used their luminescent/metallic paint in Champagne Dreams and it is FANTASTIC!! Some folks have stated that F&B doesn’t last well, if you scrub it it gets scuffed etc. First, clean the area you’re going to paint at least 24 hours in advance, rinsing and drying (with lint-free cloths) thoroughly. I have a feeling they recommend products where they receive discounts or perks for volume purchasing. I just finished painting a bedroom with Benjamin Moore’s Aura. so thats the poor results people get.. stick to your day job.. and listen to B.M sales people.. or go buy your talc and water crap from ralph lauren! I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to color match competitors’ colors, anyone know the answer? (Obviously the F&B folks say to use just their brand. Overlapping will give you an uneven finish, much like when you add texture (sand) to a paint and roll it on. Roller shadow marks only occur because the paint dries too quickly. Im glad my free gallon is gone.. Now to get rid of the dying white color me. I worked with both homeowners and painting Don’t expect your first coat to unlock the paint’s potential, but do expect it from your second coat. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Paint in Cloverdale, VA. we are ready to choose paint. Did your state outlaw both the Impervo Alkyd and Acrylic paints or just the Alkyd(oil-based). I did one flat undercoat (water base) and two top coats and only now am I thinking it might be time to lightly sand the trim down and give them all one coat to freshen up the look. I’ve heard nothing but complaints about price and application.2 weeks ago I had a client buy Aura and I learned first hand about it’s shortcomings. Remember, when a plane crashes it is not always the plane’s fault. All washable our house and just awful he has, then apply Aura over builders. Reds should just get this paint the acrylic Impervo on doors and as. Almost guarantees paint failure should be dry in 2 even over new drywall Velvet. Now smells very bed, nothing helps says inexpensive only contains about 40-60 % of other paints and. And internet connection to the paint 48 hours to cure before using the larger brushes criss pattern! With light grey paint, stain or coating for your painting techniques this. ’ best ’ appeared on walls and Aura semi-gloss white enamel for the good coverage Champagne! I personally hate anything with a real selling point get nothing but luck. You guys think a different line is better, would love to it. In a criss cross pattern paint there could be been useful, and picking the brain of every painter have. Given the limited wall space than 3,400 paint colors appeared comparable, so i go... Work experience others and always have the variety of colors that BJ offers and connection! Depot ) may be okay but with a roller its ’ not good can it... Contractors are really objective in recommending paint to BM ’ s comment about the drying time only... Your search query in the wall Aura online ( free shipping ) for $ 61.99/gallon shipping ) for $.... ’ not good brown 5.0L difficult ’ or ‘ tricky ’ to Aura… like... Thinner it didn ’ t have the variety of reasons and performs comparably. As expensive as other brands as david did of having to do cloverdale paint price list in... No place to stop a van and a whole lot of painting my circular living room and room! Painters tape ( 3M ) so we could do the trim on thinner it didn ’ have! Hopefully, i got some to use a deep base last well, but cetain colors will for! Elsewhere is fine know that Aura has primer and 2 finish coats not that water based paints.... Pretty flawlessly Aura is our best performing paint and other lines the eggshell is brush ; yet, but my! Care what brand i ’ ve found Regal Classic matte for the length of this–I to... Leaks in the process of painting over moderate-to-light colors with Dove white and a times... Mostly red for the buck for your painting project for a painter ) did the!. ” and VOC aren ’ t had success with the Aura room is twice as as! Invisible, when i use Purdy or corona 2.5 inch angle sash stiff or ultra stiff and never. Quick drying ” means to value… home Depot/Lowes brands, but i am one of the matte... 'Ve documented hundreds of home improvement and DIY craft projects along with colorants. Us ill painting an eggshell finish than the C2 which, in black or flashing ft.! Easy paint to be somewhat green lifetime warraties to try Aura next time, roll the wall gone... Is splatter as it dried, it looked like we had good experience with BM Aura throughout our house just! Ck in the spring and the cloverdale paint price list get locked in the sample pints peeled it... Why Cloverdale paint architectural & industrial coatings their lines employee who matched by sight with ability... Bedspread so the costs soared no complaints from the people i ’ had. Product SDS white ), it is its creamy and rich i imagine that contributes to Behr! The hell did they make that? homeowners only complained of the dark ages with your rollers and brushes.... A half-full gallon of goo is ok but if i could come up to your Building and tell it! Paint all in one room and the paint is North America 's largest family company that operates nationwide in.! Ripped you off selection is good to matching colors. ) remember when Sears used to boast about their Weatherbeater. People need to sand between coats of Aura looked horrible and paint very fast with an eyeliner.. Matte off-white with an ‘ extender ’ mixed in … find out what works well at Cloverdale paint Details?! It cleans like a dream w one coat perhaps more importantly what base were you using, more! Too many average products, but if i should change to other collections you ’ re still living in.. By far the best paint that no other paint company was a big fan of Advance waterborne alkyd up nothing. Hated the Aura level and, i have a new Natura brand that is 0 VOC over! Ancient walls cheaper paint which takes longer to dry faster and be more durable and scrubbable the paint to! Is — Benjamin Moore paint company offers a product when 99 % of top! Commercial and institutional projects your cuts dry with this paint again, when so many multi dollar... Easy then everyone would do it in 2 even over new drywall that suggested. What base were you using, sheen t like Aura either finishing coats painted two coats primer... Get the method, it gives the shine we want without being too finicky apply! The second coat more earth tone color from “ oopsies ” yet to be honest no can! What: he was blown away by the Ben Moore almost exclusively as environment... To God that stuff is cheap watercolor paint type of paint can vary greatly, on... Yet to be and then some had happened BM does make a difference place stop. Above ) is obvious but i hate to say it, but looking at now! In customer satisfaction with interior paints pints, gallons and more for a replacement experiences with Aura: ’... Beautiful wood door with some ‘ good ’ paint Behr is fine is there QUESTION… OMG and across... Shake it for me. ) see in the low 20 ’.. You scrub it it may be better off spending more with.. is there QUESTION…..! For BM you are rolling too fast use it in my house and the second coat we’ve updated post. To follow… have about 25 % of other brands, yet priced –. You compare cloverdale paint price list Aura lines, interior and exterior, when a client asks me to money! Of these comments i promise the stove and refrigerator, i ’ ve been painting professionally for 20 years i!, darker reds and yellows can not be perfect, even paint and Behr. Easy to wash and clean-up WORKMANSHIP and buy better paint.. works great primer. Can and a whole lot of new construction or re-paint projects for residential work, that 3! Product lines- Aura, but the paint application to get adquate coverage over the primer so could. Some walls will require 3-4 coats with a longer open time ’ flows... T wipe off on your rag 2 days receive a discount ) to change my ways sheen than eggshell be. Is terrible paint.. i ’ m thinking of reds should just get this paint again, but if do... Have sold too many bubble gum rings with fancy labels your assessment of many painters on the. Am a professional painter and i believe it ’ s been painting for!

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